online transcription training lesson 4

Hi guys, am back for lesson 4 and the last one unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you are looking at it. You see, like I told you earlier it’s not long and therefore not worth paying for. Again, you can always find free training materials everywhere on the web and I assure you they…… Continue reading online transcription training lesson 4

online transription training lesson 3

It is my belive that you have a bit of knowledge on what transcription is all about and if you have followed the lesson 0ne and two keenly you are already armed with a better grasp of the English grammar. Congratulation that’s yet another step.I, however, realized that not everyone is a doctor or a…… Continue reading online transription training lesson 3

online transcription training lesson2

LESSON 2 Hi, welcome back.  I hope you learnt something in LESSON 1.  In lesson number two you will learn the process of transcription. Here I will let you in on some of the words that you will come across and you never heard of or you simply don’t understand. FORMS OF TRANSCRIPTIONS FORMATS This…… Continue reading online transcription training lesson2

online transcription training lesson 1

Hi, this is Timac, and I will take you through all things transcription. So let me start by saying that I am glad you want to learn. However, don’t come expecting the kind of learning you get when taking your master’s degree it’s a simple course and will try and make it as exhaustive as…… Continue reading online transcription training lesson 1


PREP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis (a way of preventing HIV virus before it takes hold of the body). It is the use of anti-HIV drugs by a negative person to prevent the copying or multiplication of the virus in the body if you suspect you could be exposed. It is available free charge in most…… Continue reading PREP


Bladder spasms also referred to as the detrusor contraction -named after the thickest bladder muscle is synonymously used with overactive bladder(OAB).it’s the symptom of the overactive bladder, which is the sudden contraction of the bladder muscles, causing an urgent need to release urine even when the bladder is not full. This symptom is not life…… Continue reading BLADDER SPASMS

Pope Francis has granted priests the right to forgive women for having abortions — Quartz

While president-elect Donald Trump promises to restrict abortion rights for American women, another leader with a worldwide stage has made an important step in the opposite direction: Pope Francis has announced that regular priests will now be able to forgive women for having abortions. On Sunday, as he closed the extraordinary Jubilee—a year of mercy… via…… Continue reading Pope Francis has granted priests the right to forgive women for having abortions — Quartz