The feeling of not being loved back

Every one of us have at some point in life  had to contend with  this feeling of being reject either at work or someone you had hoped to make yours, the worst thing is,one doesn’t have a way of explaining it or even understanding why someone just says i really love you but not in the way you would want me to, when all you wanna do is love them with all you’ve got.

At that particular moment,emotions start following- hatred, anger desperation stupid and many many more. you really cant get. why cant that one person you care so much about love you.. what is it that the other person-often an imaginary person– whom you think they are in love with have that you don’t ?  probably you are good looking but then why? deep down you know it’s not their fault he/she cant love you just don’t want to accept it..

Then how do you deal with the rejection, getting  back at them” to make realize what they missed” maybe your first reaction this always backfires coz  they probably wont care or you end up driving them further away from you. you dont want that, do you ?

girl-947764__180However there is  a way you can learn to leave without that person and the pain caused by his rejection and it starts with you accepting that they don’t want you in the same way you rejected that one person whom you knew loved you but couldnt bring yourself to loving them back.

love is a bee it settles on those flowers that has nectar not just any flower,if it does linger around is will be just for a short while to check if that sweet stuff in there is enough for it if it’s not, it  leaves  to search for a better one or the one it likes better and not matter what you do it wont come back..This  pain that you are feeling right now is just like a wound freshly cut.. it is bleeding painful, so you need to clean it bandage it take some pills to ease the pain and after some days pain will have reduced in such a way that unless you disturb it you will hardly notice it, then  a scar remains and eventually disappears- for those that were not too deep. it’s the same with a broken heart it hurts so much at first then with time it will  heal and if not completely it will leave a scar that you can live with….what matters is that you accept that your heart is broken and almost miraculously and immediately  is starts the process of healing you can actually feel it, like a room being cleaned.the task if you you to sustain that healing process.woman-737439__180

one last thought most people mistake love for a heightened state of emotions is what you feel for that  person really love?