photo-1441742917377-57f78ee0e582Hey good people, i have been away from my blog for a few days, i missed you pips  but i brought back some  good stuff  so it was a worth course plus i learnt something  i probably would not have otherwise and im willing to share it with you,, so when that time comes we will look back and smile then lie in peace…. so, like i might have probably told you guys i love reading and over the weekend i got hold of this book about Jack the Ripper, for those of you who don’t know who the Jack the Ripper is or what he/she represents it happened that in slums of  East London in the late 18 century people woke up to  the reality of a possible serial killer amongst them.

This incident goes in the history as one of the mysterious and  unsolved murders with the culprit unidentified though people have assumptions ranging from the murderer being vengeful  woman who could not bear children to a misogynist to one lover to a woman who turned prostitution the list going on and on, But that’s besides my point what i want us to talk about is that none of those poor people live now including the serial killer  or killers, so what im i driving at? Those people did not know-or dont seem to have known-how short life really is, they preoccupied themselves with worrying about their current problems not even realizing that they all have the same destination-grave they did not realize that a 127 years someone will be reading about them as a thing of the past? And this happens to us even today i guess it’s human nature.

What made 39_1me write this article is that i always emphasis on people living a very simple life happily,Not stressing  yourself over thing beyond our control or trivial matters, i am not saying that those murders were less of an issue or insignificant,not at all, but here is what my arguments is about worrying did not help those ladies who died when they did.neither will it help you now. Rather focus  energy on things that will make your life worth living  just realize that your life is so short  so live it . and in a hundred and twenty years to come no one who is around today will be there then so concentrate on the things that makes you happy.