sure ways to kill your relationship

boy-946214__180We have all seen or have been in this relationship that look like it just can’t go bad  the next thing you realize it has ended just like that! But what really happens? in most cases you will hear people say we were perfectly fine the last we met but now it’s over. The most likely explanation for this  is that either or both of them slowly killed their relationship without suspecting it. here is what happens

When you get into a relationship most people forget to show appreciation for the little things and efforts their  partners make , taking those thing for granted is going to adversely  affect your relationship

b33e672b-f246-4ed6-a58c-f762a60a5f9cThe occasional lies that you think that won’t do no harm will surely do more harm than you think for meet your ex on your way home and offer you a coffee at a local café went and took longer than you anticipated instead of telling the truth when your boyfriend asks say you lie later he learns about it, even though you meant no harm the fact that you lied is enough to plant a small bit of distrust.  the next time you lie about something else thinking you will get away with it this little insignificant lies pile  up and eventually become a bombshell which will eventually explode,meantime the trust has gradually declined..


 communication comes in third without this you will not understand what your partner expects from you and neither will you be able to express yourself in a way that will be clear and understandable it is therefore important to enhance effective communication

Then comes the Nos which makes your partner feel you no longer care.Whenever your love makes request and you  consistently say no, like going out  once in a while or picking them up after work or  bringing me this or that on your way home it makes them feel  as if you no longer care or the fire  you had at first is dying which leads to speculating which could be causing you to behave in such a manner this may also lead to “if he doesn’t care why should i and this is i danger in itself. It costs nothing to make a little sacrifices for the sake of your relationship  

Attention and respect is another thing that women want even more than your money and appreciating  recognising your man is all that he needs but if you are ”sidelining” him or making him feel a second priority to you be sure you are making the  perfect ingredient for your relationship lethal addition to that, your spouse/lover comes before your friends

Lastly spend much of your time together do stuff you both like together it will strengthen your relationship and make you understand your partner better AND IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR a  way to kill it do the exact opposite of the thing i have scouple-walking-down-the-street-2_b10phw_ls__S0000aid




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