having a tattoo or not

main-qimg-98e913e469fbc397091a593dd0d1190bmain-qimg-c94c88013f9a1a167d76cbcb492ee5f9217_1i have been asking around with my friends what their take is on  people who have tattoos   and shockingly most of them said that a girl with a tattoo looks alittle indecent  unlike men whom they said were okay. Their statements echoes a study that was done in Germany last year..Most interviewee said it looked unattractive on women but others supported it. one thing that stood pout though  is that little ink  would be enough. Having said that the environment you are in will also dictate the kind of perception  people will have regarding your tattooing or lack of it 

Before you ink yourself  make sure you will be able to cope with those eyebrow raising and stereotypes around you  if you can’t handle them don’t put em on remember if you put a permanent one it will take more than a little effort and money to remove it

on the other hand a tattoo could be a way of expressing yourself for instance i love lions and so i  will definitely be having  a lion tattoo sooner than later.A tattoo for me is an expression of who you are and one that will be with you for a long time should be considered very carefully before putting it on”display”


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  1. i’m not so sure about that but i think you should be free to do as you wish- we live in a free world after all and should allow yourself to be be exactly that..if you are not hurting anybody. in any case im glad you aired you thoughts on the subject


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