Really, it’s okay to be different

asian-woman-putting-on-lipstick_wklreqdgb__S0000When i was growing up i was under so much pressure to be like everyone else, to behave ‘normally” like everyone was  and not to go against my cultural beliefs  but this made me feel alienated and intensified in me the realization of being  ”abnormal”  Mine is not to follow without questioning no sir!

 i realized that culture made  us subjects to  policies made by others for us  i hated subjection of any form. But most people adore  being in  cocoons not daring  question the order of things around life is not just about living it is also about questioning and scrutinizing anything and everything until it made enough sense to me. i want to be liberated i want to be free and be able to think for myself.i will disagree with social conventions and dispute traditional  ideas for anything  to be relevant.. atleast for  me to accept  anything it had to make sense .

 One thing that stands out about this inborn in rebellion is my hatred for being employed.My mum, no in fact my whole family believes in go school  get a good job after  until today that seems to be their stand  meanwhile I believed  that  i wasn’t born to work for anyone  and that according to my family  that is quite absurd  i have even rejected jobs and that at some point made mummy not so happy  she couldn’t see why i was not taking up the job it was ridiculous and i was being unreasonable. i don’t disaguitar-944262__180gree with  it so much though  she had a point. If your mindset is just like mine don’t be afraid you will be more at peace if you learn to accept who you are. a person different from the rest.

Don’t get married because you feel others want you to, if  are not into marriage  live your life unmarried it’s okay. Don’t go searching for a girl  because your friends think you need one  don’t even try to prove  them wrong be single as long as you want. it is okay!

How about that dress you saw with your girlfriend and she wants you to buy because she thinks you look good in it? don’t buy it’s okay  How about the one you bought and are wondering what people will say about it? go on and put it on  if they feel it too buggy or tight or it doesn’t look good on you.. make it none of your business you will be okay

don’t ever let any of your decisions be informed on  the basis of some societal perception be yourself  no matter what

Don’t feel the need to be somewhere just because others are there and don’t go buy anything just because everyone else around you has it,no. don’t let anyone situations and circumstances  dictate the way you live your life coz in the end you will realize that life is so much happier by simply being yourself which  means being different from everyone else and it is okay .Really it’s okay