my cancer experience will make you believe in miracles!!!!!!

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Are you the kind of a person who doesn’t   believe in miracles or God for that matter? if yes you are not alone i too didn’t believe in miracles until  this  short fascinating  real-life  experience i had   made me  believe that miracles  really do happen and that God can actually hear our prayers and not just that but also answer us.

When i went  home yesterday after my day’s endeavors i was so tired that i couldn’t wait to crawl into my bed and lay my thumbing head  and aching body to rest. I  was so tired that it took me around 3 minutes to fall deeply asleep-i had sent a friend of mine a goodnight message and i dint get to read his  reply which he sent three minutes later.  But 23 minutes past  midnight i was awake to answer the call of nature i knew i was going  to sleep immediately after and i dint even bother to open my eyes so i maneuver  through the darkness to and fro but instead of sleeping like i was lying to myself once i went back to bed  i found  myself thinking about this  lump i have had in my left breast for around 5 months  it was not going away and neither was it painful. And  i knew deep down my heart it was cancer and don’t ask me why i dint go to the hospital but i will tell you anyway i am the kind who  buries  their head in the sand and assumes that it  will be okay yeah quite stupid you might say but that’s me. I decided to have a  conversation with  God and i asked him  to heal me  this cancer  as i cannot afford to waste  money on treatment and besides i have so many  plans that this cancer will distract me from

i don ‘t know how it happened  i felt like i was in trance i was aware of what was happening  and at the same time i wasn’t  but one  thing i know is that i  could see  a brown  sword-no hand-touch that side of my breast  where the lump was and then it  disappeared  the same way it had appeared which is  from nowhere..I  didn’t want to touch my breast as i was afraid i was still gonna to  feel  the lump but i was so shocked to feel nothing at all! The  lump was  actually gone i did it more than seven times to make sure i was not dreaming man   i couldn’t  believe it. i dint know if i should cry or what to do  but being a lady tears are my chosen way so i cried and yeah i don’t have  a lump and i know my breasts are cancer free   it’s hardly believable i cant believe it till now either  and that is a miracle for me