how to win in an arguement all the time

woman-looking-overly-agitated_zyfxeqoer__S0000I am  terrible when it comes to argument  i lose time after time.After  realizing it  through a series of defeat i decided i would  find a way to ensure that i had the upper hand  the next time i argue  and so i took a pen and a paper  and wrote the things  i was failing to do and how i could  deal with them

FIRST  i realized that i was always supercharged with emotions whenever i got into an arguments; anger which leads to uncontrollable shaking or sobs  which in turn affects the flow of my argument and let my opponent  have the stage to themselves i  also   realized  that whenever i show signs of weakness like crying  my adversary used that to assert more pressure on me

SECOND i realized i was  talking to much and not just  talking but later on  i would wander what exactly i was   saying as it was not making sense to me at all. At times to win an argument you don’t  have to  talk at all 

 THIRD  don’t ever argue when you know you are wrong you will not have the words to counter your  opponent 157_1unless you are a goood liar or you cannot  argue properly

 LASTLY  be sure to read   your opponent’s  emotions; gestures  facial expression or the body language.  This  may give you clues to what their next move will be and you can be prepared to  respond appropriately   

Ooh and to add on to that i just walked out on a possible argument you can borrow that from me