here is why relationships are worth fighting for

imagesTo be honest i have never argued with anyone about my man let alone fighting for him i consider it a waste of time and energy but I secretly admire those who really fight for their partners..  this act let’s you mark youR territory and let others know that you don’t belong to your fiancé  by default,  SO  fight for them but don’t  it so often that people think you are nuts or something…

Whenever you fight for your partner it kinda shows them that you care and wouldn’t want to lose them and that gives them a sense of pride and they might stick around for long 

if you fight for you man/woman chances are they will think twice about cheating on you  so  you will have a happy relationship   but make sure you are strong enough to confront you opponent or you may end up in a hospital bed and or legal action be taken against rings-961701__180you be careful but fight hard .LOL