dos and don’ts of losing weight !

eye-940641__180Losing weight has become a  popular topic wherever you turn, with thousands of  of articles on how to go about it  its okay to  read them but don’t forget in this case the pgiphy (2)ractical part is more  important   so don’t spend too  much time  reading  and not actually practicing.

i believe the need to lose weight should come from within not from anyone else.well, except a doc recommends as it may  be getting unhealthy otherwise you should love yourself just the way you are..!  should you reach a point in which you feel  the need to shed it off here are some points you need to get your hands on to help you  achieve that desired  weight

  •  Learn how to avoid  junk food,ooh yes  icecreams and chocolate may be the reason you are  big in addition to that avoid foods that have high fat content or deep-fried  foods they are sweet but will sure as hell contribute to you increased weight
  • train your body to go on an extra  mile,like  hit the gym  for 20  minutes s more even when you don’t  enjoy it that much.. Gym and exercise may be the 140_1chicken-935778__180answer to that depression you are going through because of your weight.. it’s not a ride in the park be prepared  especially mentally
  • Don’t be negative minded. Key to every success is your mind “however a man think so is he/she”  be positive to to get positive results
  • do not be afraid to ask for help from your friends coz they will be there for you when you feel demotivated they will give you their support and let you know you are not alone int his  which might be not be true cioz it only you cutting your eating and exercising  but that lie can help to stay on track
  • beat that craving.. 11070120_686444924799334_4538772438292938957_oyou know those day you feel like you cant live one more hour if you don’t take certain type of food,, i assure you it will happen more  often cos it’s human nature to  desire what is forbidden  or restricted  you  cannot stop that craving  so should you fall for it  forgive yourself  but d don’t repeat it more than three times
  • do not starve yourself… finally if you have been eating two burgers- im not suggesting you are a glutton” -and french fries and a soda  in short alot of food  ! cut it slowly  this way you system will adopt to the changes more easily unlike when you do it all over sudden