7 gorgeous looks you should try

beauty-863439__180163_1woman-918787__180woman-918784__180woman-919973__180women-940012__180women-939996__180In this waploadedfashion article, i’m going to give you a few tips on how to dress yourself  to making heads turn and stand out every single day of you life. It’s not enough to look good  look best and neither is it hard to stop this looking average just like  everyone else around you . Always thrive to make an impression  and let people know that you don’t just pick any cloth from your closet let people know you carefully pick whatever you will be wearing… Looking good is a choice so here lets analyze this looks

The look on the top is casual and can be on Saturdays or on that sunny  day  when decide to  go for a walk.The hat a will protect you  from the sun rays, the top is light  enough, a  few  jewelery  is fine.. you can compliment that look  with a black or white short  and  brown sandals to match with the bag  

In thIs second look the lady looks calm and simple just a woolen sweater and  a pony tail at the back’ you can do skinny jeans and some sneakers this  the ultimate look on those chilly days when you need to get to the grocery store

whenever you are invited for an event, wedding funeral corporate event or whatever this  this look always works best this particular  color is also safe but don’t be restricted to just one  colour play around with the colors you  love blue is always my favorite but think how gorgeous red or white   would look.. superb right ?  when it come to accessories few is always more.. put on a shoe that compliments the color of your dress in our case a white, cream shoe looks just  fine keep it  simply elegant.. the hair tied or loose either way  let you be yourself be comfortable in it

Little magical striped dress,,  gorgeous! when it comes to keeping it simple this is what you should go for.. this look could  easily transition t from office wear to  casual look to that dress  you hurriedly  put on  for a date  you will also realize that you can play  around with the belt color for a bit and your shoes. For example a blue belt and shoes will look good  as would white ones that look goes well with ankle boots too

and talking of ankle boots the next look could not have been any better… simple casual elegant

 I have always liked experimenting with looks  and this look makes me smile it is beautiful,isnt it? but  do  change the colours abit  like a red skirt and a white top  with black boot green top yellow skirt  cream boots or you can go black all the way or even white

AND FINALLY  crop top  below the knee long skirt gladiator heels for a date,office  and  making known that you are the boss lady!  how else would you miss  dress kill with those tips? stick around for more