you may kiss yourself

it’s simply not worth living your life unhappily in the name of a relationship(s)! After dating a  couple of guys before and getting disappointed each time, i decided to give mbe6e6ce9756ad3acd21e309af986a4b2yself a break see if i could find happiness in being single. I was so Tired of being in meaningless relationships  that  don’t go nowhere.. i wanted to live a life for myself and knew i had to  a way to do it and when i finally got to it  i cannot even say how much liberated  i feel it’s actually lots of  fun.

For instance think about not telling someone you plans and  doing whatever you want  with whoever you want  without having to worry if  your boyfriend or girlfriend will like? Those moments you feel so mad for having waited on someone just  for them to come up with an excuse of i had to rush somewhere or i had to do this and tha that’s why i came late? it sucks i know and for those reasons i called it quits!11192893_868319059889306_26884596_n

 The logic behind every relationship is that you will be to spending a considerable amount of time if not the rest of your life  together but often it doesn’t go that way there will be breakups having  wasted alot of your precious time! on what? and  a very sweet heartbreak as a topping !

 The other thing that you should spare yourself from is the constant jealous that come with dating from either you or your partner.  There is also the anxiety whenever you are not in good terms waiting for them to make the first move and call you and yo end up checking your phone the whole day hoping they will call and when you cant waiting any longer you  call them making yourself  seem weak and that lets your partner feel they are the ones calling shot and might end up being oppressive..

And why don’t you save some money for your retirement when you don’t get those calls asking for some money for shopping … you will realize that you can be free like  a bird and happy like a king or queen by avoiding the stress that  comes with dating