how to deal with sleeplessness

you will be like..

If there  is one thing i hate is being awake when im supposed t be sleeping for whatever reason.. and just like me i know you also hate anthing that comes between you and your sleep .  i frustration that comes with it is immense leading to andger directed towards yourself and everything around you and at some point you end up crying or doing some nasty stuff.

Although there are  many things that could cause sleeplessness ranging from stress, fatigue to hundreds of of reasons,the best way to deal with it is to understand your sleep patterns  and the time you usually sleep and what is really causing you  not to sleep  this way you can deal with it appropriately

how do you deal with sleeplessness caused by fatigue? first you need to get a nice hot shower,relax your mind get a nice massage from your partner or your kid, this will often than not release he tensiion that was probably building in your body.

Sleeplessness arising stress you need to get your hands on some tips on stress management  and try to keep off things that can stress you.. identify what is stressing you and find ways to deal with it by doing so you will have dealt with two problems  at the same time.