_84487269_hi028315648To start my post i will quote the words of the U.S. president Barrack Obama in a press conference during  his visit in Kenya and he said  “freedom starts to erode when you to discriminate  people just because they are different.if  someone is a law binding citizen  i don’t see why that person should be treated differently just because of who they choose to love..

As was expected prior to his visit there were demonstrations by the civil society groups asking him to keep of the matter as a Africa  is not ready to indulge in such immoral acts! Yes it maybe immoral for you but have you considered that it is not you who is gay it is someone else’s life and the least you could do is let them live their own life unless they are asking you for a date  or your hand in marriage i really don’t understand why someone is bothered about something that  is not affecting their   lives’

people  may think im also immoral but  that’s fine rather be immoral than hypocritical… i will write  about this coz i feel it’s just wrong when you quote the Bible  or he Quran and say God doesn’t approve of it. are you God? mind you it’s the same bible that’s say you should let God be the judge,why are you taking his job on  judgement.. don’t you think you are in the same category with those you consider not upright  by the fact that you judge them contrary to God’s clear instructions? and how often do you follow the Bible’s commandments or go according to what the Quran teaches….? whenever you lie you are breaking a commandment whenever you fornicate you are going again Gods laws and every time you boost whenever you judge others you are going contrary to what  you are taught….  i will understand if you are totally against  being gay  yourself that’s okay but if it”s  someone else’s life let them be for heaven’s sake what is eating people up is not the fact that so and so is gay or lesbian it’s because they feel they have the right to dictate other people’s lives… They are rigid even in the their way of thinking and that’s their problem and they shouldn’t make it other people’s…… THERE IS FREEDOM IN NOT MEDDLING IN THINGS THAT DONT REALLY  CONCERN YOU!!