The world’s largest carmaker was caught up in one of the biggest scandals of all times after  the fraud was d120px-11-08-05-volkswagen-by-RalfR-03discovered by the west Virginia laboratory which was commissioned by the clean energy advocacy last year to investigate the emissions of diesel cars casting a dark could over the auto-business  around the globe .. The company had since argued that they were not doing nothing wrong until recently when they admitted to have to have installed’ detect devices’ to get around the emission standard.

It would detect when being tested and change results accordingly too appear  cleaner while emitting 40 times more than the recommended emissions of nitrogen oxide in the u.S.  The said software is believed to have been fitted in around 5m cars in the UK France Australia south korea since 2009  including the VW models such as the  Jetta Passat Golf  Audi a3

authorities said for now the cars are safe to use but the will require to be repaired in future so the they can pass the emission test without cheating

the group has been asked to suspend sales and has since set aside 7.6 billion dollars to cover costs and recalls. About a third of the market has been wiped out translating to huge losses for major shareholders such Porsche and Qatar

vw said it will cooperate in a criminal investigation. Employees found culpable may  face  a jail term of 10 years and large fines this may be followed by suit by consumers and shareholders and and on top of that an additional $ 37000 for every car that has bleached the  emission standard

Though it’s uncertain who knew what and when Martin  Winterkorn has since resigned and Matthias Muller named the acting CEO

However the prosecution may not be possible as the as there is a loophole in the 1970 Clean Air Act instead the prosecution is considering  legal approaches such as the lying to regulators… should this amended act be passed then we could see automobile executives held liable of the companies  actions in in future.This probe is likely to go into other car-makers like the BMW, Ford and the rest .