i know you are addicted to something too and hate yourself for it … i will tell you what i hate  myself for first, it’s okay i don’t mind talking about it… recently i went to a friends party and as others were having the time of their lives, guess what i was doing..?  ooh my gawd should i say this!?  i98px-INSANETY_or_Danny_Hennesy_by_MushroomBrain was on her shoe rack fitting her shoes on.. i hate how much i love shoes… The day after  leaving with her  pair of shoes.. i had waited for that night the since morning and when it came i went to straight to bed but i couldn’t sleep! i tossed and turned in my bed till the break of dawn! ANOTHER THING I TERRIBLY do i fail to sleep for a whole night? do i know that i will never get that night to sleep again???.. i hate myself for loving shoes so much and valuing my sleep dearly:- lemmi know what you hate about yourself  too