south-sudan-rape-campsIt has emerged that the government troops in the southern sudan are abducting girls as young as 12 years old  and women and turning them into  sex slaves and ‘wives.This women ae bundled up in groups of  as many as 30. Although there are claims of government soldiers being the worst perpetrators, the rebel group has it’s share of the blame as well of abduction and massacre. according to the women you have been released or rather left for dead..say they are abused by even more than 10 men a night ”i was once beaten  with a very  heavy stick when i asked them to let one man be with me” one of the survivors said..  This women are tortured through out the nght made to carry stolen items from the other villages during the day, the southern sudan conflicts started as soon as the country split from the southern sudan with both the government and the rebel blaming each other for what they term as government controlling  oil deposits and the government blaming the rebels for instigating violence in the country. to add on that they boys are either killed or turnted into children soldiers the same  way KONI DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!