iagesi was so bored today, just trying to get some inspiration from the city outside from my window on what i will be writing about when i suddenly had a pleasant thought of relocating…….relocating to a planet called MARS! Yes that’s true some dark streaks which are thought to be as a result of running water can be seen showing the possibility of life. meaning when i relocate i can grow my own food  and live happily with no such things as the noise pollution air or environmental degradation, soooon i will make headway hopefully you will join me there. can you imagne how amazing that could be? then i will start the lineage like i will be the  Australopithecus  and another  generation will come after me but just wondering what will be changing cos definately not the posture or could it be? maybe the skin color….hmmmmm!


2 thoughts on “MY LIFE ON MARS

  1. Hahahaha..quite a wanderer you are..can I tag along for procreational purposes, you know, as you mentioned, starting a Lineage.


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