One of the  the  things that no one teaches you about, is  parenting. I agree that there are a million guides and plenty of books on how best you should raise your little ones from the time they are toddlers  through adolescence and even when they are mature enough but how correct are they or how often do you follow the advice i bet very rarely as each child is very different and so are the parenting techniques. This little guys alway look up to you for advice and  guidance whenever they are in trouble or feel they in need of it. The question is, will you be able to  advice them whenever they need your help will you give them your support whenever they need it? and will that advice be sound enough… this story may help you change how you view’s not just about giving the best there is in the world! it’s about connecting with your baby, guiding him in early years, correcting him when he is wrong showing him the alternative ways ,allowing him to be free and finally letting them go and be their on own,allow them to make mistakes. DON’T  yell at them at every  small mistake they do you might make em rebellious and i tell you that can be a pain in the a… arm. Someone once told me something i never figured out till then that  if my child has to be wise he has to experience and being  experienced means making mistakes once in a while and he will not make mistakes  until i let him be himself in other words wisdom comes from experience and experience comes from learnin15_1g and learning from  mistakes either his or somebody else’s. The story goes like this..  Once in a village in India there lived a man and his son, throughout the days they worked together from dusk to dawn.He would narrate to his son  the mistakes he did in his youth his experiences, adventures and so on.One day, he narrated to his son how he had once been a renown herbalist until the day the boy was born. He and his family lived in a village far isolated from the other villages s and  and his own father was the  herbalist who treated the  people in case they fell ill,when he was 15 years of age his parents died from a lioness who attacked them both when the other villagers had gone hunting , having acquired the skills the old man continued the work his father did, treating people using the the herbal medicine until the day his wife died.  After marrying her they  lived happily together for 4 years in which she  conceived.unfortunately, at the time giving birth the labor pain exceeded and after giving birth to the child she died. having tried all the medicine he could think of and not helping in any way he desperately watched his wife die , from that day on he completely stopped using the herbal medicine to treat people .As the boy grew older he asked the father what medicine he had used to treat his mother but the old man kept telling him it was useless for him  think about it now  the boy dint stop bugging until the  old man finally gave him the ingredients of the medicine. The boy embarked on making the drug better  until he one day saved his village-men using that  better version63_1 of the drug for another diseases, the morals of this story is, it doesn’t matter if you tried something and failed or if you think your  kid is wasting time in trying to do something, the silly stuff you once thought was ridiculous could one day become the next best thing and maybe ‘save a village’ Should the old man have encouraged his son maybe he would have developed the medicine much earlier  and saved more people. support those kids and nurture their ideas. listen and encourage your child so that you become a better parent that even when you are gone your baby  will remember you for one thing you did.