SEXY SAUTI SOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Two days ago i passed by a shop in the street  Nairobi that was playing a song  by Kenya’s famous band the  souti sol,indexi simply feel in love with that newest hit song- isabella reason being just like all their hits,  they brought quality on board,i made a mental note  to watch the video on youtube once i got home and i  did just that upon  getting there. As expected the video was a killer  and i  feel more  in love with it.Being the  fashion lover i  am it would have been impossible to miss the outfit aspect,  boy that was the  best i ever seen them look i simply  could not get enough of those guys lets break it down,

Sorry to say since i don’t know their names  i will just  refer to them according to the positions they are inimages reLETS START with the guy on the right side,only one without the godfather cap. which i think was deliberate, so they don’t look like teenagers going for a high school drama festivals ,i love  leather any day anytime so to me he looked great with the green and white african print shirt  and a black pant

On the second right, that  looked okay too though it’s a look i have seen before but this guy on second left killed it with his over-edged  jacket  and a brown cap  took my breath away quite literally  and on to the last dude in the hood his look is great complimented by the  long trench-coat with gold buttons he is the man who gets the attention. Some advice for all the gentlemen out there white  outfit make you look purely cool always catches the attention of ladies so if you want it white should always be the way to go, special acknowledgement to their designerimages f later on i will be  talking a look at an all round look for the ladies