love those high heels

82_1imageshere is to those sophisticated ladies who put on high heeled shoes and walk in them  comfortably…  and here is for those people who compliment them..  and here is to those ladies who are silently jealous, wish they could wear the heels themselves.. that is why am going to help you be complimented,stop being jealous cos you can  actually learn to walk in those 6 inch heels can make the other ladies jealous .

This rule will help you learn to wear heels  without hurting or twisting your legs. First make sure you whenever you  buy a new shoe you are able to put it on and walk a bit in it  too feel if they are your right size. i would advice you go for a slightly big sized shoes especially the for closed one as it’s not even noticeable

Second make sure you don’t wear them when you embark on a long journey  preferably a 6-10 minute walk will do. our feet have a tendency of expanding or contracting whenever they are exposed to to much heat or cold i don’t know if it happens to everybody but to me it  does  so don’t walk on those heel  for long

Third, there is a certain way that you have to walk if you are in heels.  Have you noticed how those chicks in the movies walk? if not  their leg are slightly apart than they normally would be this helps in keeping the balance. The  next time you put on  those high heels  be sure to keep the legs as mentioned above

Fourth, you strides should not be long, it makes a person to walk awkwardly so the ideal place   for to wear highs is when you are in no hurry at all. if you are on a date,holding the arm of your guy  will  do you good as your feet  will not carrying all the weight, let him be the man  he is not sorry  he is.. should a situation arise that you need to run you better  tak’em off

lastly put on those shoes and try walking around the house in them before you really put them on to go out, it would not be surpising to  find yourself  changing the whole outfit or even not having a good time as you should be just because you wore an uncomfortable pair of shoes