why you should never date this people

55_1we all want that Mr. right or that girl with an outstanding character of a real lady from the way she carries herself around to how she treats others  but often than not we find ourselves in such a relationship that  we would otherwise imagine-a disastrous one. Here is how to tell you are heading there fast with your current relationship and back out when it”s still not too late. Observe the following traits

The control freak

this people will simply ask you to do this instead of that, they will say don’t like when you talk to certain people, you should do your shopping in certain area and even try to check who you are talking to on social media what where and how you do what you do and in a way feel they have the right to control you, or monitor your every movement run as first as you can

 a sex maniac

oh yes! this are people you tell right from the word go what they want they will try to  seduce you right there and then so you should know they really don’t give a jibe about you  or your feelings  whatsoever you so brace yourself for what will follow should you entertain them.

Alcoholics and addicts

I know everyone is addicted to something but drug addicts are a no go zone, at times we may  be compassionate and  think that by loving them  will make’em change-helping them recuperative is nice but do it from a distance encourage them to stop their drug abuse get rehabilitated and then see what happens but before then KEEP OFF

Ladies, married men?

This group of people will are so cunning and will make you feel  special until you propose something like moving in together or having a child  they will simply sugar-coat a statement like, honey you know i love you but im just not ready to have another kid mine(the legitimate kid) is only two years old or you know that will be too much for me or for those who are just not concerned about you say the just can’t do that

the players

In as much as people love flying the cliché love is blind the instincts are clear and free as hell to see, why can’t you trust  them and spare yourselves an unpleasant moment later on, once a bad boy always a bad boy what, don’t complain complain when your heart is terribly broken!

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  1. I dont see why you should judge a potential suitor on the basis of his libido..come on, some maniacs are actually very good lovers..


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