There is something about achievement and our way of thinking or what we call the mindset, i myself strongly believe we all are a product of our thoughts. If you aspire to do great things your mindset got to be right , listen to the speeches of the most successful people including me -don’t roll the eyes here, not a trace of negativity in whatever they wanted to do, if you did find that would be when they were at the incubating stage s of their ventures but  afterward they realize  to succeed they needed just the right attitude and adjusted that inferior mentality accordingly, those peoples start seeing themselves as achievers they implement the  right strategies to get things going, THEY BELIEVED THEY COULD and they did it .and why the  the mindset if you may ask? follow closely.. the people who say ooh jeez are you kidding me!  i cant do this or that for one reason or the other, you will find that those people are in fact able to do it right than the ones they think needs to be doing that task, if you are in an abusive relationship who do you think will put an end to  it, why cant you take that bold step and set yourself free from those restless nights full of shouting and screaming? you know you can but you just cant see yourself doing it and you know why you feel  cant do it but you can if you really needed to. and if you think that job is just not for you what does the person whom you think is more suitable  have that you don’t and who said that multi-million job cant one day be yours? it all starts with the right perception of yourself an believing you can. so when that hubby comes home stand up to him and tell him you have had enough, girl walk away and start a peaceful journey  to your freedom. and you buddy get that cv and drop  it because  i’m telling you that believing in yourself can can get you anywhere and i still wonder why people don’t   be ahead of the pack.. what about that business idea you have been sleeping on? get it started it needs you to make it a reality lest it will just be  a dream , start small and now there is no better time than now !you will be amazed how easily you could achieve things by believing in yourself, good luck!


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